Hidden Spy Cams From Cradle to Rest Home – You Are Covered

A hidden spy camera is a board camera placed inside an innocent looking product that will not arouse any suspicion. The purpose of course is to catch somebody doing something illegal usually like stealing or breaking into your home. Catching someone doing child abuse or elder abuse in a nursing home are two of the most popular uses. Hidden cameras are great for home an business security too.

Popular hiding places for hidden cameras include such common objects wall clocks, wall mirrors, radios, alarm clocks, tower fans, smoke detectors and many more-45 or so to choose from. They all require a device of some kind to record the images like a VCR or DVR. Some newer models have DVR’s built in.

Some “body worn” models have a microphone, camera and DVR. The two most fragile population segments are our kids and seniors. They are targets of abuse from caregivers like babysitters, nannies, home health care agents and even in long term care homes. The incidence of nanny abuse if kids and elder abuse at nursing homes is well documented. Many seniors require nursing home care or as a minimum in home health care. Maybe that is why there is such a proliferation of elder abuse. Seniors represent the biggest increase demographically in the country.

But how can you protect your kids and parents to be sure they are not exploited? The easiest way to do that is with a hidden camera. Getting a Spy Camera with built in DVR or a regular spy camera and find out what is going on with your mom and dad or your kids and protect them from cradle to rest home.

When are you getting one?