Home Safety Tips – Fire Prevention Using Modern Technology

No matter what Robert Kiyosaki says, your home is an investment. It is something that you have poured your sweat and have worked hard for. Protecting it means protecting all that hard work and hence, should be one of your main priorities in home building and home improvement.

Protecting your home does not only mean protecting it against outside entities that may harm it. It also means protecting it from itself and from the hazards that, ironically, may come from inside. Fire is one of the top destroyers of homes and is a devastating occurrence as it can decimate your property and raze everything you have hard for to the ground.

Fortunately, modern technology has made it easier for us to create measures that will further reduce the risks, if any, of your home catching fire. Apart from using fire retardant materials in building your home, there are a couple of electronic devices that you could use to further eliminate the chances of your house getting any form of fire damage.

First is the device which most of us probably knows about: the smoke detector.

Smoke detectors are basically electronic devices that senses for signs of a fire. They do this by constantly monitoring the air for signs of a fire (like smoke) and then initiating an audible and/or visible alarm. They may even be hooked up to alert emergency services automatically. Smoke detectors are so cheap that not having one installed in every room of your home would be huge folly on your part. It is a necessary aspect of home security.

However, not all fire starts slowly. This is because there are causes of fire that does not involve a slow kindling event but may be caused by an explosive event: combustible gas explosions.

This brings us to the second fire safety device: the gas detector.

Natural or petroleum gas is one of the energy sources used by man. They are usually distributed in portable tanks or pipes that run underground and into the houses. This is entails a somewhat remote possibility of gas leaks accident that could result to fire damage to your house or worse, even explosion.

To prevent this, you can install gas detectors that can monitor the air for signs of gas leaks so you will be alerted through audible and visible alarms so you can take appropriate action. Having gas detectors is very important and should be installed near areas where possible gas leaks may occur.

Modern technology may have brought some miseries upon us but it definitely has bore fruits that will benefit all of us in one way or another. Fire and gas detectors, although very simple machines that can be had for as low as $7 (smoke detectors), can definitely bring a lot of security to home owners that use them.