How to Catch Someone Cheating on You

Infidelity is a huge problem. Many relationships are touched by adultery when one partner decides to take on a lover. Instead of ending their initial relationship they simply supplement it with another. For the oblivious partner they run the risk of not only being humiliated when they finally do learn of the affair but there are health risks involved when your partner is being intimate with another. It’s important to know whether your partner is indeed being unfaithful but if you’ve never faced the issue before you may be unsure of how to catch someone cheating on you. You can always take the tried and true route of hiring a private investigator or you can do a little investigation work of your own.

One of the easiest ways to catch someone cheating on you is to follow them. This isn’t as simple as hopping in your car and giving chase though. You need to be discreet and ensure that your partner doesn’t catch a glimpse of your car in their rearview mirror. An easy way to avoid this is to borrow the car of a friend or co-worker, preferably a vehicle that your significant other is not familiar with. This will take away all suspicion that it’s you behind them and will enable you to see exactly where your partner is going and who they are meeting with.

If you have access to their cell phone bills this can also hold a great deal of information in terms of whether they are having an affair. People who cheat tend to call their lovers on their cell phones as opposed to their home phone. If you do have access to their monthly invoice take note of any unfamiliar numbers or numbers that they call frequently. Jot down this information. There are many ways to trace numbers back to their owners. Taking this step will give you a great deal of insight into who your partner is talking with.

Another approach to take if you want to catch someone cheating on you is to pretend that you will be away for a few days. It’s shocking just how many people are comfortable throwing caution to the wind and inviting their lover to their home when their partner is away. If you do decide to use this technique to catch someone cheating be prepared to sit outside your own home and wait. You’ll need to be patient but that patience just may pay off if you see your partner’s lover going into your home. Then it’s just a matter of surprising them both and confronting them.